About Us Company Background and Vision

Yuma International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is started since 2013. Yuma is a young and dynamic company dedicate to the distribution and wholesaler of beers.  

Yuma lust for worldwide premium beer. We love to drink craft beer and we are delighted to have chance to bring worldwide beer to introduce to China market. 

As a global premium beer importer & wholesaler, it is our mission to facilitate access to premium craft beer throughout the world. Yuma have an extensive background in logistics, import/export, law, customs regulations, marketing, brand management, and sales. 


Craft beer requires special handling and our business is about protecting the quality of craft beer and the integrity of the brand in China market. We pay attention to quality control, using Reefer shipping and meeting storage conditions under a certain temperature, delivering beer from foreign market to China market in superb condition.


Our Service


Yuma serve our clients’ need. Due to the wide distribution network Yuma is able to deliver more than 1000 SKU to our main clients consisting of Supermarket , bar&restaurants, retail outlets etc. from all over China Market. 


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